Walter Carpenter Remembered in his adopted home


Connolly Centenary to be marked in Clare

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Exhibition at Home of Michael Mallin Opens May 4th


Another View of the Rising

Another view of the Easter Rising, 1916


Lecture at Annual General Meeting of the Irish Labour History Society, April 23rd, 2016


I would like to thank the Irish Labour History Society for inviting me to give another view of the Easter Rising on this the centenary of the day on which it was supposed to take place.

It has been borne in on me, as I am sure it has on you this year that commemoration is not history, nor is it about honouring all traditions equally, or unequally for that matter. It is about presenting history as we wish it to be; it is about self-identity and it is about seeking inspiration based on a reaffirmation of established identities, be they on the left, right or centre. Or it can be about rejecting a perceived past if it conflicts with what the dominant consensus within a commemorative group thinks it should be. This approach to commemoration covers both the general, for instance identifying the state with the Rising, and the particular, such as the Rotunda Hospital celebrating its commitment to delivering babies throughout Easter Week 1916. Hence the inevitable title of its exhibition, ‘Birth of A Nation’. Unlike history, commemoration does not need to be accurate but it must strike the right note. The current controversy over the Glasnevin ‘remembrance wall’ is a case in point. It should perhaps be rechristened the ‘wall of death’. On the other hand Joe Duffy’s ‘Children of the Rising’ has been a runaway success and well deserved. (more…)

Ringsend celebrates Rising


Mendicity Centenary April 24th


Sunday 24th April:

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10.50 Assemble at GPO

11.00 Guided walk commences from GPO

12.00 Guided walk arrives Island St

12.00 – 12.20 Rest break for guided walk participants

12.30 Assemble gates of Dr. Steeven’s Hospital opp. Heuston Station

12.40 Piper leads attendants to graveside for lilies ceremony

13.05 Graveside ceremony concludes.

13.20 Assemble at old Mendicity Institution gates, 9 Ushers Island

13.30 Civic Commemorative Naming Plaque ceremony

14.00 Refreshments at St Catherine’s Centre, Marrowbone lane


More Dubliners may have died in April 1916 on Western Front than in Easter Rising

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Celebrating a Lost Labour Leader of 1916

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Kilbarrack Kids Learn About Past to Fight for Future April 7th


An Incredible Piece of Community Art


When Kilbarrack Coast Community Programme (KCCP) was set up in 1997 the challenge facing the community was a wave of heroin use among young people. In 2016 this has changed but the problem of drug mis-use has not gone away. KCCP continues to help people addicted to heroin use and in line with Government policy we also help people experiencing problems with alcohol. In early 2015 with support from the Department of Social Protection and Health Services Executive KCCP set up a project, which targets young people in the eighteen to twenty-five age groups who are having problems with cannabis, alcohol and tablets. This project provides courses in fitness and healthy living in addition to pre-employment training.


The young people on this project wanted to learn more about the 1916 Rising so that they could commemorate it in their own way. They decided to take six history classes on the Rebellion kindly provided by KLEAR the local adult education centre and they took part in the historical tour of Glasnevin Cemetry. Recently they started art classes. Inspired by this they set about painting a community mural. The end result is truly amazing. For people with no previous art training they captured the spirit of 1916 with a very 2016 feel.


Please feel free to come along to the official opening with music being performed by Damien Dempsey and see for yourself a community inspired by the ideals of 1916. It all takes place next Thursday the 7thApril at 2pm. For further information please ring Marian Clarke at 01-8324516

If you happen to be passing – Connolly Association remembers James Connolly and 1916


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