Calling all Ringsenders and people from Pearse Street to tell their stories – Northsiders also welcome

Commemorating so many lost lives in war and peace

Best known as Connolly’s Unionist sparring partner in Belfast Labour Movement but hopefully we will learn a lot more in October

Des Brannigan Exhibition to run until October 22nd and well worth visit by anyone interested in seafarers, trade unions and marine archaeology



Des Branigan Ship Owner, 1918-2016

20 August – 22 October

The irony of the title above would bring a wry smile to the face of Des Branigan who was an ordinary seaman who achieved great things as a trade unionist, archaeological diver and maritime historian. This exhibition conveys a man who was deeply interested in helping people and his role in bringing one of the RMS Leinster anchors to Dún Laoghaire forms part of his fascinating story. Also included is the Des Branigan maritime book collection, donated to dlr LexIcon in 2016. Exhibition curated by Joe Ryan, Irish Coast Guard (retired).

Veteran Military Historian Joe Collins gives his verdict

Veteran Trade Unionist and Men of Many Parts Des Branigan to be Remembered with Dun Laoghaire Exhibition

Mother Jones is Back – for full details of Programme see

A Forgotten Episode of the 1918 Anti-Conscription Campaign

Local History Group Day – March 24th

John ‘Miley’ Walsh, a founder member of the Dockers Preservation Society, who will be talking about his experiences over more than forty years working on the Docks


Saturday 24 March from 9.45am to 2.30pm in Dublin City Library & Archive, 138-144 Pearse Street, Dublin 2.

Local History Group Day is a chance to hear current research being undertaken by local history groups and societies throughout the country.

All welcome and booking is not required. Come early to ensure a place.
The schedule for the day is as follows:

    9.45am  – Registration
    10.00am – Welcome and Introduction
    10.05am  – Starting a Local History Group.  James Madigan, Liberties Cultural Association
    10.35am  –  Closure of a Unremunerative Railway Line: Harcourt Street to Bray, 1958. James Scannell, The Old Bray Society
    11.05am  –  The Meeting at Rochestown Avenue, 1884 and related history. Thomas Burke, Local History Alumni Group
    11.35am  –  “Dear Miss B” – a Collection of Edwardian Postcards.  Brian McCabe, Kill History Group
    12.05pm  –  Tea/Coffee
    12.30pm  –  An Irish Country House in Cloyne, Co. Cork. Marie Guillot, Cloyne Literary & Historical Society
    1.05pm – Lesser Known Dubs – The Good, the Bad and the Downright Despicable. Ken Finlay, The Old Dublin Society
    1.35pm – My Experience as a Dublin Docker 1963-2009.John Walsh, Dublin Dock Workers Preservation Society
    2.05pm – – a Resource for Local History Groups.  Jacqueline Hill, NUI Maynooth
    2.20pm – Discussion
    2.30pm – Finish

Please contact (01) 6744999 or if you have any queries. All are welcome!

Location Details: The Conference Room
                          Dublin City Library & Archive
                          138 – 144 Pearse St
Dublin 2

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