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East Wall and North Wall 1916 Events February 6th and 6th, 2016 All Welcome


Emmet O’Connor to give Larkin Memorial Lecture on January 28th, 2016

Dr. Emmet O’Connor (author of the recently published ‘Big Jim Larkin, Hero or Wrecker?’) is giving the lecture, which is taking place in the Connolly Room Liberty Hall Dublin on Thursday 28th January at 6:30PM.images

8th January 2016

Dr. Jack McGinley


Irish Labour History Society

Re:      Larkin Anniversary

Dear Jack

This year we have arranged for the eminent Labour Historian, Dr. Emmet O’Connor

from the University of Ulster to give a lecture to mark the anniversary of the death of

Jim Larkin Senior.  Dr. O’Connor, who recently authored a new book on Jim Larkin (“Big

Jim Larkin, Hero or Wrecker? – published by UCD Press), will give this lecture bearing

the same title in Liberty Hall. Copies of Dr. O’Connor’s book will be available to purchase on the night.

Arrangements are as follows:

Thursday 28th January 2016

In the Connolly Room, Liberty Hall

At 7.00pm

Details of ICA Women on Dublin City Council’s Richmond Barracks website

Dublin City Council has published a 2016 Calendar based on Richmond Barracks in 1916. It includes details of all ICA women detained there.

Go to


Alicia Brady – Annual Commemoration of 1913 Lockout Martyr next Friday, 1.15 pm, December 18th. All Welcome

Alicia Brady Commemoration

Howth, Sutton, Baldoyle and the 1916 Rising – Talk by Philip O’Connor December 3rd, 2015

“Howth, Sutton, Baldoyle and the 1916 Rising: Prelude-Insurrection-Aftermath
A Community through the times of national revolution 1912-23.
Marine Hotel, Sutton, Thurs., 3rd Dec. 2015, 8pm. An Illustrated Lecture.
Displaying Howth. Sutton, Baldoyle and 1916-23. Lecture notice 3 Dec. 2015.pngICA Roof of Liberty Hall
A diverse community unlike any other, Howth, Sutton and Baldoyle reveals an extraordinary story of a North Dublin rural and suburban community in a time of national revolution. Did you know that the head of the only Howth Jewish family stood for Sinn Fein in the 1920 local elections? Alongside such great figures from the literary world as Margaret McCall (wife of P.J. McCall the noted Gaelic scholar, song writer and translator, and sister of the poet Alice Furlong)? Or that the first chairperson of the local branch of Cumann na mBan was Mary Maguire Colum, noted literary critic and wife of the dramatist and writer Padraig Colum? Or that Baldoyle produced the only substantial unit of the Citizen Army, farm labourers all, several of whom fought bravely and honourably in the 1916 Rising and later struggles, including for social justice in the Free State of the hard 1920s? Or that the Howth Sinn Fein leader, B.P. Bowen, like the local Unionist leader with whom he cooperated so closely on civic improvements, while agreeing to disagree on the bigger question, Edward J. Culverwell of TCD, was  a noted educationalist and pioneer of vocational education? Or that Sutton and Baldoyle produced some of the pioneers of the Irish communist movement, as well as a sturdy branch of the Fine Gael “Blueshirts”?  
Come along and find out! All welcome!
An Initiative of the Howth, Sutton, Baldoyle 1916 Commemoration Committee

Stiching Up the 1916 Tapestry Proclamation – Over Half Way There

The 1916 Proclamation is being stitched up, but in a very craft(y) way by the Blanchardstown Branch of the Irish Countrywomen’s Association for the Easter Rising extension to the 1913 Lockout Tapestry. This will also be used in the Liberty Hall Wrap to mark the Centenary of the Rising and the publication of the 1916 Proclamation.

The stitchers are Theresa Brennan, who was taught by Irish Citizen Army veteran, Margaret Skinnider, Dorothy Sheridan, Maureen Caffrey, Marie O’Neill and Joan Greene


James Connolly’s Last Writings

To mark the Centenary of the 1916 Rising SIPTU has collated and published a facsimile of all of the editions of James Connolly’s Workers Republic from May 29th, 1915 to April 22nd 1916.

Copies are available from SIPTU Communications Department for €20 paperback and €40 hardback at Liberty Hall, Dublin 1. If you want it posted please add €10 post and packaging.

If you want to read what Connolly wrote rather than what someone else says he wrote this is an opportunity to do so.

Only a limited number available. Make cheques of Postal Orders payable to SIPTU

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Irish Labour History Society and Linen Hall Library Joint Event on Belfast Women Workers 1910-1915 December 12th, 2015

The Irish Labour History Society invites you to attend a labour history event taking place in the Linen Hall Library Belfast on Saturday 12th December, beginning at 1:30PM.

The Linen Hall Library are organising this event, in association with the Irish Labour History Society (ILHS).

ILHS Honorary President Theresa Moriarty is giving a talk at 1:30PM titled “Our Lives Should Not Be Sweated: Belfast Women Workers, 1910-1915″. Belfast Women Workers 1910-1915 (1)

This event is taking place to mark the donation of back copies of ILHS publications, including Saothar, to the Linen Hall Library.

Those present will also have an opportunity to view an exhibition currently on display in the Linen Hall Library: “Labor & Dignity: James Connolly In America”.

A poster (in pdf and jpeg format) advertising this event is attached with this email for your information. Please feel free to circulate this to anyone you feel may be interested in attending.


Our Friends from Belfast – Keeping alive the spirit of 1789 (no that’s not a typo)

Belfast Friends

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