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Near FM Programme on 1913 Lockout

The History Show on Near FM has broadcast a discussion on the Dublin Lockout involving The Irish Story’s John Dorney, Cathal Brennan and Padraig Yeates. It is on The Irish Story Archive at ITUC Executive 1914 – Can you name them?

Long Lost Limerick Voices

Thanks to Cedar Lounge Revolution for drawing our attention to this extended RTE documentary on the Limerick Soviet, which includes contributions from the late Jim Kemmy. For anyone who found the RTE TV short we ran on the Limerick Soviet an interesting taster, here is a longer, radio version.           Click […]

Walter Carpenter – From Sweep to Revolutionary – A Forgotten Figure From 1913 Lockout

Eastwaller arrested for insulting a British Royal Socialist and Trade unionist Jailed in 1911   On 27th August, 101 years ago an East Wall resident had just been released from a month long sentence in Mountjoy Jail. Walter Carpenter, with an address at 8 Caledon Road, had been convicted of “using language calculated to lead […]

Limerick Soviet – A Very Short History

What happened in Limerick in 1919 largely stayed in Limerick in 1919. If you want to know how and why a city renowned for its commitment to Faith and Fatherland saw Red that year the following RTE clip is about the best short account you are likely to see this side of 2019. Thanks to […]

WebCam of Tall Ships on Liberty Hall

Anyone who wants aerial view of Tall Ships Festival in Dublin can click onto SIPTU link in left hand column or just go to

Tall Ships, Tall Tales and how to hear them

Admission to talks and events on Dublin Port’s history, music and folklore during the Tall Ships Festival is free but people need tickets. To obtain one email: They will  be allocated on a first come first served basis Talks: August 23rd Dr Don Bennett – Stories from Deep Sea Dockers  – 13.00 to 14.000 […]

Tall Tales from Tall Ships

The Dublin Dock Workers Preservation Society is delighted to announce that, as part of the Tall Ships Festival, it is holding a photographic exhibition and series of four talks on the history of Dublin Port. The exhibition will be hosted in the CHQ Centre at Georges Dock from the 23rd August to the 26th August […]

New Collection of Dublin Corporation images of ‘Dirt and Disease’

Dublin City Archive has just produced a new collection of online images around the theme of ‘Disease and Dirt: Public Health in Dublin, 1903-1917’ based on Dr Enda Leaney’s lecture during the Larkin Hedge School. It is well worth a visit. See the link below This Photo of Corporation Disinfectors is typical of these […]

Free Oral History Course on 1913 Lockout

1913 Lockout – Alternative Visions Oral History Group Training Course in Oral History Skills   Are you a trade union member or are you a resident of an area or a member of a family with strong connections to the 1913 Lockout? Are you interested in recording and preserving stories of the Lockout and analysing […]


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