Mendicity Centenary April 24th


Sunday 24th April:

Mendicity Poster

10.50 Assemble at GPO

11.00 Guided walk commences from GPO

12.00 Guided walk arrives Island St

12.00 – 12.20 Rest break for guided walk participants

12.30 Assemble gates of Dr. Steeven’s Hospital opp. Heuston Station

12.40 Piper leads attendants to graveside for lilies ceremony

13.05 Graveside ceremony concludes.

13.20 Assemble at old Mendicity Institution gates, 9 Ushers Island

13.30 Civic Commemorative Naming Plaque ceremony

14.00 Refreshments at St Catherine’s Centre, Marrowbone lane


One Comment  on April 19th, 2016

The Mendicity Charity has given comfort to many people since its foundation. This generosity of spirit, goods and citizenship is still needed.

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