Paddy Nevins on working as a Docker in Dublin Port in the Day of the Read


On behalf of the Dublin Dock Workers Preservation Society I attach details of our latest video- Dublin Dockers: It Was Not Like Working In A Factory This video includes the ‘Dockers Song’ written by a docker Bill Preston and performed by Dara Yeates. We are also delighted that Cllr. Nial Ring has put down a question for the next Dublin City Council Meeting (see below). If you support our campaign we would be delighted to hear from you,
Declan Byrne
Question put down by Cllr. Nial Ring for the next Dublin City Council meeting 23rd July-Can the Chief Executive give an indication as to the progress of the specific objective to provide a Dockworkers Museum/Heritage Centre as specified in the The North Lotts & Grand Canal Dock SDZ Planning Scheme (Objective BH12 – inserted on foot of Dermot Lacey’s Motion passed at the Special meeting on the SDZ held in City Hall on 22nd July 2013) which commits DCC “To explore the potential of exhibition or cultural heritage facilities in conjunction with national cultural institutes and key stakeholders to celebrate the unique maritime and industrial heritage of the Docklands Area”. This objective is further enhanced by the text in Section 4.7.3 (Inserted on foot of my Motion passed at the Special meeting on the SDZ held in City Hall on 22nd July 2013) which included the following paragraph:”There is also an opportunity to reflect and celebrate the unique coastal-riverside-canal location and the rich maritime heritage of docklands through arts and culture both at a community and citywide level. The local community along with organisations such as the Port Company and the Dublin Dockworkers’ Preservation Society, have a key role to play in unveiling the maritime heritage of the area, as well as other appropriate stakeholders”.




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