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Two Pioneers of Labour movement remembered in Inchicore

Ceantar Mhaighneann The Kilmainham and Inchicore Heritage Group    The Kilmainham and Inchicore Heritage Group unveiled two plaques to Labour pioneers at the old ITGWU premises, ‘Emmet Hall’ at 122 Emmet Road, Inchicore, on Friday 4th November

A Revolutionary Rehearsal in Dublin’s East Wall ?

One hundred years ago, and two years before the 1913 Lockout, the district of East Wall had a taste of the battle to come from its youngest citizens. Local Historian and Community activist Joe Mooney tells a story rescued from a school’s lost archive.

Dublin’s East wall celebrates Centenary of 1911 School Strike

School strike in East Wall remembered 100 years since school boy strike of 1911 This year marks the 100th anniversary of the East Wall school boys strike. On 13th September 1911, teachers arriving at the East Wall Wharf National School found a message chalked on the door, “Any boy cot going into school and not following other […]

“He who would be free must strike the blow”

Paul Dillon charts the history of the Irish Worker    In the first issue of the Irish Worker and People’s Advocate in 1911, its editor James Larkin wrote: “Too long, aye! Far too long, have we, the Irish working people been humble and inarticulate. The Irish working class are beginning to awaken. They are coming to […]

La Misere á Dublin – a lost photograph

Gerry Kavanagh in the National Library spotted this photograph published in La Miroir, Paris, on November 23rd, 1913. The caption reads ‘La Misere á Dublin’. They could be brothers or a father and son. A couple of years ago people would have been shocked at a reminder of how bad things were in Dublin at […]

The 1911 Railway Strikes

[The Hugh Gegarty Memorial Lecture, presented to the Irish Labour History Society by Dr. Conor McCabe, 11 March 2011.] Introduction In September 1911 the ASRS called a strike which saw ten per cent of the strikers laid off in an overt and unapologetic act of victimisation undertaken by the chief director of the GSWR, Sir […]