Centenary of U-boat attacks on Dublin Port Ships Maritime tragedies remembered in exhibition at Civic Offices

This month marks the centenary of the sinking of two Dublin Port vessels in separate submarine attacks. An exhibition commemorating these tragedies will be on display at Dublin’s Civic offices for the next fortnight. “Dublin Docklands and the sinking of the S.S. Hare and S.S. Adela 1917” tells the story of how the Great War impacted on Dublin Port , how the Submarine War developed and the terrible consequences for seafarers in the Irish Channel. It also includes information on how the City’s most iconic product, Guinness, was affected and details one of the most prolific U-boat Commanders who operated in Irish Coastal Waters.

The exhibition can be visited by the public at

Dublin City Council

Civic Offices

Wood Quay, Dublin 8

Located on Walkway 1


It will be on display from Monday 18th December until Friday 5th January.


 On the 14th December 1917 the SS Hare was torpedoed as it travelled from Manchester into Dublin. Almost a fortnight later, the SS Adela was torpedoed as it travelled from Dublin to Liverpool. A total of 36 seafarers lost their lives in this grim Christmas season, while 12 others survived the attacks. Both vessels were very well known in Dublin Port; The SS Hare became famous as ‘Larkins Foodship’ during the 1913 Lockout, while the SS Adela was a Tedcastle & McCormack vessel which had sailed this route for over three decades. 

John Jones is the Great Grandson of George Jones who died aboard the SS Adela:

“In 1917 there were over 150 ships sunk in Irish coastal waters as a result of Submarine attacks. These two particular vessels are particularly important due to the heavy loss of life in the relatively small and tight knit communities around Dublin Port. A newspaper report from the time estimated that there were up to one hundred dependents left behind by those who perished on the SS Adela. ”


Hilary Wallner is the Grand-Daughter of Able Seaman Joseph Hopkins of Pigeon House Road who died aboard the SS Hare

 “I am so glad to see, one hundred years after these terrible tragedies that they are being so respectfully remembered by Dublin City Council and the people of Dublin have an opportunity to learn their story.”

Hilary Wallner also spoke of her own family loss:

“It is important to me that my Grandfather, Joseph Hopkins, who died in the attack on the SS Hare, is remembered, but the trauma and hardship his death led to for the surviving family members must also be acknowledged. All the victims of these attacks must be properly commemorated, and we must also be aware of the long term effect on those who survived.



For further information or interviews please contact:

 David Cotter (Co-ordinator Adela-Hare Centenary Commemoration Committee) –0864089611

A number of Family members of victims are also available for interviews, including

Hilary Wallner   086-8656663