Connolly 150

A full life

  • Connolly 150 is a not?for?profit organisation established to promote public awareness of James Connolly and working class history as we approach the 150th anniversary of James Connolly’s birth in Edinburgh,
  • We seek to raise awareness through research, events, writing, community engagement and organising.
  • We are open to new and imaginative approaches to Connolly’s life and its relationship to working class and immigrant
  • Connolly 150 has developed mutually supportive relationships with similar, existing organisations in Scotland and
  • We have also developed vital and positive relationships with trade unions and community organisations.
  • Connolly 150 is an independent Affiliated to no political party or group.
  • Established with the sole purpose of celebrating the life of James Connolly on the 150thanniversary of his
  • Connolly 150 events are open to all who wish to see James Connolly recognised and celebrated in Edinburgh and

Below is selection of the projects planned by #Connolly150

Connolly 150 – Join Us In Celebrating A Full Life

Connolly Lives! Series of events themed around James Connolly’s whole life as we begin the countdown to the 150th anniversary of James Connolly’s birth in Edinburgh.

Connolly 150 Countdown. An international daily countdown celebrating Connolly’s life.

Cowgate Connolly. A brief outline of Connolly’s life and work delivered to every home and business in his home community.

Connolly Generation 150. We bring together young activists, artists, academics and others as we seek the societal transformation Connolly envisaged in his life and writings. Engaging Connolly Generation 150 to build a Connolly 150 legacy for decades to come.


Connolly 150 Exhibition. A new exhibition exploring Connolly commemorations throughout the world over the last 150 years.

Under The Capital. A series of art installations in Edinburgh’s Cowgate themed around James Connolly and the community he was born into.

Connolly Ideas 150. Some leading thinkers, writers, artists and innovators set out what influence Connolly’s ideas have had on their work and society.

Connolly 150 Bursaries. Bursaries in Connolly’s name for working class students engaging in scholarship in Edinburgh. Each bursary will be awarded by an independent panel working with the recipient educational institution.

Capital Connolly. A series of arts installations celebrating Connolly’s continued relevance in Scotland’s capital city.

Connolly Festival. A week of Connolly themed events to coincide with the celebration of Connolly’s 150th  anniversary.

Connolly Graves. Erect headstones on Connolly’s parent’s graves in Edinburgh

Connolly 150 Online. An imaginative and interactive online experience. Bringing Connolly’s life, ethos and writings to a new audience and new generation. Including website, social media and live streaming.

Connolly on Screen. A series of film depictions of James Connolly. International screenings.

Connolly on Stage. A series of plays, rehearsed readings and musical performances themed around James Connolly.

Monumental Connolly. A photographic exhibition exploring James Connolly’s legacy and public commemoration in Edinburgh.

Connolly News. A newspaper blending coverage of events with writings from Connolly.

Connolly’s Edinburgh 150. Guided tours of the Little Ireland area of Edinburgh where James Connolly was born in 1868.

Connolly Statue. Community led campaign making the case for a statue of James Connolly in the city of his birth.

Connolly 150 Toolkit. Development of a multimedia, interactive educational toolkit for schools and community groups. This project sets Connolly’s life and work in context for a new generation.

Connolly Plaque Restoration. A complete renovation of the plaque in the Cowgate first erected in 1968.

Connolly Day. Turning James Connolly’s birthday into a day of social, cultural and educational action within our communities.

C150 Podcasts and Vlogs. A series of Connolly themed reading and discussions exploring contemporary  events.